Kennies IT gives you the right public cloud hosting, perfectly pooled resources and forever technical support to run your business dynamically. By using the state-of-art infrastructure, supported by best server, network and storage system from leading technology partners, our services are aligned to global SLA norms for Enterprise IT requirements.

Our never-ending technical support

allows you to focus on your goals

rather than hassles

Public Cloud Server Keep Your Data and Applications Nearby with Public Cloud Services

Instantaneous access to your data is important when running a business of any size, but the resources and infrastructure in place to keep that data safe and online can be expensive. Public cloud services are designed to keep your data close to you by offering fast access to remote storage infrastructure. Kennies IT is the leading public cloud provider offering the most robust and affordable options for storage of data, applications and more. Our professional team of experts delivers outstanding support for all of your data and storage needs.

One of the biggest benefits to public cloud computing for modern businesses is the dynamic and scalable way in which this storage option can be managed. With the global network of infrastructure offered by Kennies IT’ datacenters and the 24/7 technical support on offer, you have the resources in place to carry out everything you need to do in your business, whenever you need to do it. Our public cloud storage options are designed to help you reach your goals without any of the hassles.

Dynamic and Scalable Public Cloud Computing Near Me

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Moving your data and applications to the cloud is one of the most affordable and reliable choices you can ever make for your business. At Kennies IT, we offer robust public cloud services designed to maximize your productivity. For more information, call our team today at +91-9532080801.

Why Choose Kennies IT?

Cut back on CAPEX, Software Upgrade, man-power costs

Multi region availability when ordered across geographies.

Ability to scale with-in the VM and manage servers, bandwidth and storage in real-time. This helps you to save cost.

Gain from Utility – Pay per use class technology from CISCO, VM Ware, EMC

Kennies IT cloud provides auto scaling as a feature where-in compute resources are increased as billing

Customers commit on monthly usage of resources with option to automatically scale their resources up /down based upon work load. This helps customer with flexibility and higher cost saving compared to Pay as you Go

Multiple OS options including Linux and Windows supported by world per the load on the server to maintain performance of applications hosted with us. It is governed by our customer’s policies