Kennies IT Virtual Server Hosting offers complete access similar to that of a dedicated server at only a fraction of cost with multiple server functionalities of control panel, Mail Severs, Managed backups, Firewall configurations and much more. Our team helps you to setup VPS Web Hosting on multiple OS platforms (Linux and Windows) powered by the most robust virtualization techniques. Our Virtual Private Servers are packaged along with 24×7 Rapid Action Support.

Kennies IT  VPS is an enterprise-class computing environment that offers flexibility and cost-efficiency without compromising security.

We understand your business is rapidly developing and you need a platform that can keep it intact and scale up quickly with the growing needs. Our VPS solutions can be of great help to every business; both SMB and large entities, to help them optimize their performance level and work faster, smarter and better.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with

Kennies IT Virtual Private Servers Hosting

Why Choose Kennies IT?

Keep your critical applications up and running with high performance, high availability servers.

Multi region availability when ordered across geographies.

Benefit from high-availability servers deployed on redundant server clusters and redundant enterprise class storage.

Only pay for the requirement that you need by dialing in your CPU/RAM requirements and avoid paying for resources that you will not use.

Kennies IT Offers
Virtual Private
For Businesses

For companies and businesses in India looking for a hosting company nearby, Kennies IT offers virtual private servers hosting packages customized to your exact specifications. With our data centers located in India, the United States, as well as in the Netherlands, we also provide exceptional managed VPS server hosting for companies around the world.

Virtual server hosting is a cost-effective and secure way for companies of all sizes and across all industries to optimize their online presence. The VPS solutions by Kennies IT  eliminate the slowdown and resource drain on shared servers while reducing the cost of dedicated private servers.

Kennies IT is one of the leading VPS hosting providers in India, and we strive to provide each customer with the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost with our VPS solutions. We can provide multi geographic zone availability when serving customers in locations outside of India. Our data centers can be found in the USA, India, as well as the Netherlands for true global reach.

All of our virtual server hosting solutions provide customers with rapid action support that is available 24/7/365. We assist with all aspects of the managed VPS service hosting, including migration, setup, and ongoing monitoring of your service.

Businesses using our virtual private servers hosting packages have exceptional uptime that meets or exceeds that of any other VPS hosting providers in India. At the same time, we offer a pricing structure that saves on costs while boosting reliability and performance to provide an exceptional end-user experience.

The Kennies IT Difference In Virtual Server Hosting